KDP EP 047: COVID gums, Mask Mouth, and Carnivore Civil War

Hello everybody and welcome back! Today, we will cover some interesting reports linking COVID -19 to oral health. Also, with some of the big wigs in the carnivore scene taking jabs at each other, Dr. Matt is going to take a look and give his assessment of the carnivore movement and how it should progress from this point. If you like today’s show, please like, subscribe, and share the show. This will help grow and reach more people.

KDP Ep 048: Living Your Lean Life with Coach Lisa Agens

Hello everybody and welcome back for today’s episode! Today we have a special guest on the show, nutrition coach Lisa Agens. For those of you who follow the folks over at Ketogains, you may recognizer has a moderator and boot camp coach. She also coaches 1-on-1 with people through her business Your Lean Life, LLC where she uses a paleo-ish low carb approach to nutrition to help her clients live their… you guessed it… lean life.

Today, we go into Lisa experience as a professional dancer in her 20’s, how she started to gain weight once she left her dancing career, her transition into dental hygiene, and she ultimately took ownership of her own health losing over 120lbs and left the dental world to be a full-time health coach.

Today’s episode is PACKED with good info and tips that anyone could use to get started down their own health journey. If you would like to learn more about Lisa, feel free to check out her site www.yourleanlife.com. You can also check her out on Instagram at @ketoliftingchick and @yourleanlifellc. And of course, you can see her in the Ketogains Bootcamps.

Speaking of KG BCs, they have a new one starting 8/31, so you can still squeeze in when this episode airs. Visit www.ketogains.com for more info.

KDP Ep 049: Lessons Learned in 2020 with the Standridges

Hello again! Now that 2020 is in the review mirror, Sara Joy joins Dr. Matt in reflecting at the challenges of the previous year, the hard-learned lessons, and moving forward in 2021.

This is a very transparent and personal episode. Too much of social media only shows highlighted parts of people’s “perfect” lives, so we are here to cut through the veil and get real.

We discuss our own setbacks, depression, and dealing with our miscarriage.

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