Implant Dentistry


What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants are a great way to get back the beautiful, healthy smile you want. . Missing teeth and ruin a person’s smile, self-confidence, and ability to eat with comfort. Replacing missing teeth can really improve a person’s quality of life by not only restoring their self-confidence, but is also better for their health because they can chew better and more comfortably with a full set of teeth.

Dental implants can replace one single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, and no other option to replace missing teeth has proven as effective and durable as implants. Basically, an artificial tooth root made of titanium  is placed in the space of the missing tooth. Once the implant is placed, we let it heal, then take impressions and make a crown that looks like it’s your own.  Dental implants are often times the closest thing to replicating our natural teeth.

What is the process of dental implants?

First step in the process is a clinical exam and consultation by Dr. Standridge.  He will take a non-invasive 3D Cone Beam scan of your jaw to make sure there is sufficient bone to accept an implant.  Dr. Standridge then plans the case digitally to make sure the implant is placed precisely where it needs for stability, function, and esthetics.  


If you have sufficient bone and good oral health, Dr. Standridge will use a microsurgical, non-invasive approach to place the artificial root into your jaw.  With the newer systems, this can often be done with no stitches and minimal post-operative discomfort. We will then let the bone heal and fuse into the implant and this will create the secure foundation for your new tooth.  


After proper healing, Dr. Standridge will fit your custom crown or needed prosthetic to the top of the implant in order to restore and stabilize the health of your smile.  

I’m missing many (or all) of my teeth.  Can implants still help?


Absolutely! For multiple missing teeth, we can place multiple implants and bridges over them. We can also make dentures that attach to implants. The implants make the dentures tighter, keep them in place, and make them more secure in the mouth.  Whether you want teeth that stay in place, or you want to tighten the fit of your existing dentures, we can help!

Will I have to travel to multiple offices for my implants?


Many patients become frustrated when they are bounced around from office to office for each step of the implant process.  We try to ease that frustration by offering as many of the steps in our office as possible, with the majority of cases being able to be treated from start to finish solely at our office by Dr. Standridge.

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