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Dental Insurance: A Love Story

Dental Insurance: A Love Story If you know me or have been a patient of mine, you might have heard me go off on a tangent about the shortfalls of dental insurance.  While certainly, they tend to jack up my blood pressure, a part of me is very thankful for these policies.  If they only […]

More Options for Straight Teeth!

More Options for Straight Teeth! Great news! As most of you know, I’ve been getting started with Powerprox Six Month Adult Braces for adults looking for straight teeth in a reasonable amount of time. Well, we’re expanding our orthodontic services EVEN MORE!!! Soon we will be offered CLEAR BRACES as well!! These are a series […]

No Need for the Hard Sell

No Need for the Hard Sell I’ve heard from a few patients that they’re surprised that I haven’t tried to “sell” them anything and that it’s a great relief. I am very pleased to hear this. I think dentistry has gotten a bad rep over the last decade, definitely as concerning with overtreatment. Well, I […]

When Does My Child Need Braces?

Hello Friend, Dr. Matt here. I wanted to write a post today about some questions I get asked a lot: When is my child going to need braces? And if they do need them, when should we start? Those are great questions that you can certainly get conflicting information on depending on who you ask. […]

What to Know About Your Braces

What to Know About Your Braces Hello again! In this video, Dr. Matt goes over the informed consent for orthodontics using brackets and wire. He talks about possible complications, as well as gives detailed instructions on how to get the best result possible. Remember, orthodontics is a team sport, and requires the best efforts of […]

The Only Constant is Change

The Only Constant is Change There is a change of climate in all aspects of healthcare and dentistry is no exception. Insurances are raising their deductibles and lowering their coverage. Employers are decreasing or flat-out cutting benefits offered to employees. Politicians are crying out for solutions while beating their drums to the “access to care” […]